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Self-Care during COVID -19

Self-care is an important part of everyday life. It gives us time to reflect on our feelings and intentions, it allows us time to slow down and look after ourselves both mentally and physically. During the current COVID-19 health crisis it's more important than ever to practice self-care.

What does self-care mean? Self-care refers to the activities and habits that we engage in regularly to maintain and enhance our health and wellbeing. Self-care means different things to everyone. Some people like to practice meditation or yoga, for some it means listening to a podcast or reading a good book ,while others find stress relief in cooking or creating. Whatever you can bring to your life in the form of self-care will greatly impact how you manage anxiety during this difficult time. COVID - 19 will have a significant impact on all of us and it's important to create positive ways to cope with the challenges we all face as a community.

Please see below a link to further information about self-care and what it may mean for you. Use this time to create your own self-care plan and help yourself to work through the COVID-19 situation in a positive space.


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