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If you are finding it hard to stay motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic don't feel like you are alone. Abrupt lifestyle changes effect everyone differently.

There are many ways to combat a lack of motivation if you are struggling to focus. Just as children thrive on routine, so do we as adults. So if you are struggling with motivation this can sometimes be linked to a lack of routine or a sudden change in routine. A helpful place to begin in tackling a loss of motivation

is to write down a new daily or weekly routine for yourself that reflects how you are living and working now. Studies have shown that a regular routine increases motivation and focus. Many of us are now working from home or splitting our time between the office and home. Taking the time to map our your day/week will keep you focused and on track, it will also help with organising your time and commitments so you can easily see what requirements or deadlines need to be achieved. A daily to do list will help with planning out your tasks for the day and once you have achieved each item, crossing off those tasks will give you a sense of achievement which in turn helps to motivate you to complete the next task, like a 'domino effect'.

Make sure when creating your new routine to schedule in time for self-care and time with family. Supporting yourself and having the support of family is critical for all us while we navigate this new normal.

Below is a link with some more helpful insights into motivation techniques.


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