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Individual Therapy

We understand seeking therapy services can be daunting. At Altogether Psychology Services we are committed to ensuring our clients feel supported on their therapy journey. Individual Therapy sessions are intended to help individuals to learn to better manage a range of difficult situations, from complex mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression to temporary challenges such as relationship problems and work related stress.

Couples Therapy

Positive interpersonal relationships are one of the most important elements for your mental and physical health.

It is not uncommon to encounter short-term periods of unhappiness and negativity with your partner, however if you experience long-term negative relationships with your partner this will gradually impair your self-esteem, confidence and physical and mental health.

Altogether Psychology Services offer couples counselling services, including relationship & marriage counselling. We support you and your partner working through a range of relationship difficulties that you may encounter throughout your journey together.

My Approach
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