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Parenting - Helpful Hints

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

A few do's and don't to think about...

We've put together a few help hints to foster positive relationships with your children.


- Catch your children being good and comment on it

- Set age appropriate rules & boundaries, be consistent and fair in maintaining them

- Remember that children watch and model everything you do

- Be clear and specific regarding family values and your expectations

- Be democratic, let children contribute to the formation of family rules

- Have family meetings

- Develop and maintain family rituals

- Regular family dinners have been shown to protect adolescents against depression,

try and have three family dinners per week

- Play with children and have fun with them

- Get to know who your children’s friends are

- Talk to your children about the small things it opens the lines of communication

- Use the internet as a source of information on parenting and child development


- Argue in front of the children

- Do for your children what they are able to do for themselves

- Expect your children to be little adults

- Talk to your child about adult issues & concerns. It makes them worry and feel responsible

- Ever use excessive or unfair punishments

- Promise what you can’t or won’t deliver on

Children learn and mimic your behaviour, set the example you want your children to follow.


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